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Baudouin de HEMPTINNE


Baudouin is a slavic Belgian and happy father of three. He spent his life on 4 continents and 1 ocean. In 2006, he decided to take a 14-month long sabbatical to sail around the Atlantic. he crossed the ocean twice and built a project in the Sine Salum (Senegal). He was motivated by the pressing need to show his family the magnificence of our planet.

Bike California


While sailing the world, Baudouin created the Knights of the Order of Nature with the simple idea that clothes DO make the main. By taking the oath, the new knights swore to protect Nature with concrete actions.  This community expanded to Belgium, France and USA.

Network Builder

In 2008, Baudouin left for 5 years in Asia (South Korea). There, he discovered the unique and exceptional relationship between Buddhism and Nature. The relation is far away from his initial anthropocentric view of the world. Nature deserves respect. There, he started to build a network and community.  He arrived in San Francisco in 2013 in an all new constructed environment. Here, tech and well being work together to solve the issues the nature is facing today.

Cyclist Enthusiast

Bike race
24h du Mans

Baudouin's yearly objective is to ride his bike for a total of 1500 miles when travelling in San Francisco. A goal he will achieve 3 years in a row in June. He has also participated at he bicycle rally "24h du Mans" in 2018 on the famous Bugatti race track

Gery Gevers

Gery is a gifted father of 3 young women who helped him to understand that humans are just one part within the whole earth system. Engineer by education, Gery loves to adopt a holistic view to understand how elements interact and to create solutions that make sense.


Gery tries to consciously access the social and environmental impact of each of his daily decisions. The entirety of his city garden has been transformed, thanks to his family, into a vegetable garden following permaculture principles. This made him realize that in a couple of years, leaves, roots and fruits can bring an abundance of delicious food and dramatically increase biodiversity.

 Operational Passionate

Eager to learn and discover, Gery has spent close to 20 years in various operational and leadership roles in a med-tech company to engage in a fight against cancer. Persevering and pragmatic, he is convinced that collective intelligence is able to guide humanity through the major transformation shift it needs to undertake.

Bikepacker Addict

On his solo 1000 miles' bike tour from Belgium to Spain last summer Gery caught the "long distance biking" bug thanks to all the sensations it brings : 
the perception of connection with nature, its inhabitants, the body and the soul.


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Plasticity – Flexibility – Resiliency

Well, this all started well. 
(french version below)
Géry and I had to leave in 20 days to cross the USA with our bike, to meet those who are working to find solutions, alternatives, new ways to live in harmony on this planet.
COVID 19 has caused us to revise our plans.  No possible plane for Géry, no solar-bike for me, no hotels or campground available, and no possibility for meeting with all those problem solvers.  So, it was a bit "should I stay, or should I go now"?
We both decided to go together but separately.  We are going to travel two continents at the same time: America and Europe.  Some would see it as greed, we see resiliency.
Having lost my co-driver and the "superbike", I turned to what was "close to me" (short circuit ;-): my son Léopold (21 years old) and my everyday bike.

We will be leaving next week, with a sum of compromises that gives, in the end, a rather cheerful cocktail.  My wife Corine will accompany us to provide us with the lodgi…
A solution Now.
I would like to share what really "made my weekend" last week.  The confinement in which we live has led me to Netflix😔.   I was a little bit less reluctant to go since it complied with the European Commission's injunctions by reducing its bandwidth by 25%!  It’s insane to imagine that Netflix accounts for 15% of the global downlink traffic according to the data of the American network specialist, Sandvine…  
But on Netflix, I discovered a magnificent triptych: Inside Bill's Brain 🙌.  The third part is more specifically about the search for climate change solutions.  

I discover something really exciting: a solution design exists today and is ready for prototype construction program.  It's nuclear, and it's called "Travelling Wave Reactor®" , engineered by TerraPower.

For decades, there hasn't been any innovation in this field, and in 2006, Bill Gates got the guts to disrupt that field. Nuclear power is a kind of monster tha…

Départ prévu

Départ prévu le 1er Juillet 2020 : Pour l'instant, on construit le site...