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Bike the World with the Sun: Go Big Gery and I have decided to bike a long-distance race, which is solar only. The Sun Trip: The Solar Bike Adventure The Sun Trip concept combines adventure, racing, cycling, and solar energy. Cycling represents freedom, discovery, and meeting locals while exploring the earth. While electric bikes have revolutionized the cycling world, they still have a limitation: autonomy. Solar bikes provide an answer: the sun. The range becomes infinite, and the energy produced is non-polluting. The Sun Trip concept is a race that tests the robustness, reliability, and efficiency of solar bikes and riders by sending them on routes around the world. Participants design a wide variety of prototypes that embark on adventures to determine the fastest. In summary, the Sun Trip is an innovative cycling race that combines technology, sustainability, and exploration. 🌞🚴‍♂️ The Sun Trip - Destination Sahara: 2024 marks the 5th edition of the Sun Trip (original format), wh